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  • Create a Responsive Website From importing your content into a responsive template to connecting your domain, learn to create a Duda website from the ground up.

    Item Link Create a Responsive Website
  • Create a mobile website Have an existing website and just need a mobile version? It’s easier than you think. Check out these simple steps to learn how to build yours.

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  • Website Personalization What is website personalization? How do you use it? Why is it important? All is revealed in this series of videos.

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  • DudaPro Walk-Through Interested in selling websites to clients? The DudaPro Website Reseller Program has all the tools you need.

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  • Growing with DudaPro Starting a web design business is only the start! Get professional tips on how to grow your business and capture more clients.

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  • Must-Know SEO Strategies Good SEO is key to being found online. Here are the key things you need to know to make sure you show up in Google searches.

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  • Importing Content It’s not just your old website you can pull content from. Learn how to import text and images from all over the web.

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  • Connecting a Domain What’s in a name? Well, a lot actually. Get a few tips on picking your domain name and connecting it to your site.

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  • Your Analytics Dashboard Duda sites come with built-in analytics and tracking. Learn how to read your stats so you can tell exactly how your visitors are engaging with you online.

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Release notes 


By Roni Landau 19 Apr, 2017

  • Developer Portal: The new home for Duda technical documentation and examples  
  • Status Page: Track the operational status of the Duda platform
  • SEO improvements: Improved home page URL and redirects on updated URLs 
  • New map provider: Mapbox is the new map provider for all Duda widgets and features
  • Marketplace: You can now promote your store on Marketplaces

By Roni Landau 20 Mar, 2017
  • Widget Builder: Powerful new Pro capability - Now live in beta
  • Allow “/” in URLs: Improve site SEO by adding “/” in the URL
  • Other Enhancements: Improved stats dashboard and Pages panel expand / collapse 

By Roni Landau 27 Feb, 2017
  • Google PageSpeed Optimization: All Duda sites, now optimized for speed
  • Site Language: Set the language of permanent texts in your live site
  • SEO-Friendly Store URLs: Shorter store URLs improve search engine indexing
  • New Templates: National Park and Ice Cream Shop
  • Other Enhancements: Editor localization, support in IE11
By Roni Landau 05 Feb, 2017

  • Restaurant Menu & Business Hours Improvements: It’s easier to import content to these widgets thanks to an improved & expanded search
  • New Templates: Check out the beautiful new Locksmith and Medical Clinic templates 
  • Background Image on Buttons:  Expand the possibilities of your website designs 
  • Editor Enhancements: Upload menus from CSV, improved spacing, and more  

By Roni Landau 18 Jan, 2017
  • Limited Content Editing: Limit customers’ editing capabilities - Exclusively for DudaPros  
  • Multi-Language: Quickly translate sites into other languages - Now in the new editor  
  • Beautiful New Templates: Nonprofit and Home Decor
  • Multi-Location: Show multiple business locations on a map - Now in the new editor
  • Other enhancements: Editor localization, increased image gallery flexibility, restaurant menu improvements, and more  
  • API Enhancements:  Content injection API, new capabilities and updated APIs
By Roni Landau 27 Dec, 2016
  • Info & Tools Panel:  Faster and easier access to site info and tools
  • Beautiful New Templates: Law Firm & Academic Tutoring templates
  • Contact Form Integrations: Now in the new editor  
  • Custom HTML:  Add tools such as live chat to customer dashboards and editors  
  • Other Enhancements: Full width option, editor localization 
By Cody Zimmer 06 Dec, 2016

The new editor is here! These are the features released on Sunday, Dec. 4th.  Be sure to join us for a special webinar Dec. 14, 11am PST , to get an overview of all the new features!

By Cody Zimmer 12 Jul, 2016
  • Contact Form : Two additional integrations - Mailchimp and Constant Contact.
  • New templates : Marketing agency, Escape room, Tour guide.
  • Duda support portal : Redesigned with new in-product help
  • Italian localization added
By Cody Zimmer 14 Jun, 2016
  • Contact form : You can now integrate the contact form with external services, including Google Sheets and Webhooks. The contact form also now allows file attachment, which will allow site visitors to attach multiple files to any contact form submission.
  • New templates : Exciting new templates, including Jazz Festival, Pest Control, and Auto Repair.
  • Performance improvement : Reducing the time to open the text editor.
By Cody Zimmer 27 May, 2016
  • SSL for runtime sites : A fully automated SSL solution is provided for Duda responsive websites. (coming soon)
  • New templates : Consulting and Soap & Suds.
  • Option to add conversion code (Adwords/Facebook etc) when submitting a contact form.

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