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Product Updates 


By Roni Landau 13 Aug, 2017
This squeaky clean template is perfect for any other type of private or booking services. It has a clean blue and white color scheme, and lots of bright images.
You’ll find handy icons that you can customize with your customer’s text, a contact form for booking services and testimonials.
By Roni Landau 06 Aug, 2017

Duda’s new Image Picker just got even better. 

In addition to having millions of free images, great GIFs, and powerful image management tools, you can now add premium Shutterstock images to your websites directly from the Image Picker. You’ll find millions of professional, high-quality images to choose from, all of them available for just $3 each.

Adding high-quality images to your websites gives you greater flexibility in conveying your customers’ messages, so you can build high-converting sites that are engaging, authentic and attractive. Of course, having high-quality images in the websites you build also boosts your own website portfolio.

By Roni Landau 06 Aug, 2017
The new customized 404 page is a great way of optimizing every visit to your websites, even ones in which site visitors get lost.
By Roni Landau 06 Aug, 2017
Duda’s Widget Builder just got a whole lot more flexible.

You now can embed your own widget control panel directly into the Duda editor.
This means that you, as a developer, do not need to rely only on Duda’s standard input options -- you can instead build with the unlimited power of the web.

The way this works is by embedding a page (via an iframe) you host into the widget editor. Then, within the website, you also add your own code to display the widget output. Since you control both the output and the widget control panel, you can have the user use the widget editor and communicate in the background to the widget on the website.

As you can tell, this is an advanced option, but it will give developers and others the possibility of building any widget they can imagine with their own backend service.

Read the full documentation about the new content editor here
By Roni Landau 30 Jul, 2017
The new Background Slider gives you more design flexibility, enabling you to grab visitors’ attention by adding motion to background images.
By Roni Landau 17 Jul, 2017
The only thing better than adding a gorgeous pre-designed Section to your Duda website is adding several of them, one after another.
We’ve expanded the Add Section capability so that you can now add multiple Sections to any page on your website from directly inside the Sections mode.

Just click “Save & Add Another”, and add as many fabulous Sections as you like to any site page.
By Roni Landau 09 Jul, 2017
Bring more people to your customers' brick-and-mortar location with this map widget enhancement, which enables you to display a popup with additional location information on any site map. Information, which includes a title and description, can be customized in the map widget Content Editor.

You can choose how the popup will be displayed: on hover, on click, or always.

More conversion come with more people so bring them to your (customers') business!
By Roni Landau 09 Jul, 2017
You can now get access to common helper functions or specific actions taken on a website with the new JavaScript API (JS API).
It can be used in conjunction with JavaScript code for Widget Builder or with individual responsive websites.

Find further details about the JS API at the Duda Developer Portal .  

By Roni Landau 02 Jul, 2017
Giphy , one of the biggest online GIF providers, is now fully integrated with Duda. This means you can add animated GIFs to your sites directly via the Image Picker.

To make it easier for you to locate, the Giphy filter is available in both the Mini View and Full View (as there are around 900,000 GIFs in Giphy).

Please use with caution... :) 
Note: Giphy is available in all image widgets except the background component.
By Roni Landau 26 Jun, 2017
As part of our ongoing efforts to make building beautiful websites easier and faster, we’ve created a huge variety of customizable Sections for you to add to your websites.

Sections are rows that contain a collection of widgets, and are designed to convey certain messages and goals. The new Sections are organized into categories, so you can easily find just the right Section for any purpose. To access the Sections, just start editing a site and click the “+” that appears between rows.

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