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By Roni Landau 19 Jun, 2017
Since every designer works differently, we’ve added the option to use RGB, along with HEX, to choose colors on your sites.
This makes it easier to choose just the right color for your customer’s website, so that it perfectly reflects their brand and need.

Both RGB and HEX are available in all Color Pickers.
By Roni Landau 19 Jun, 2017

This enhancement increases your design flexibility by enabling you to edit the style of the Contact Form submission message - the message that a website visitor receives after completing a contact form. It may thank the user for contacting the website owner, confirm a newsletter subscription, etc. 

The new flexibility enables you to control the font, format, alignment and text direction of this message, for a more customized experience.  

To customize the text, go to the Submission tab in the Contact Form content editor. 

By Roni Landau 19 Jun, 2017
Your design flexibility gets a boost with this new capability, which enables you to reverse the order of columns in a row on mobile devices.
Until now, right-to-left column order was automatically arranged top-to-bottom on mobile devices; now, you can control which column row appears first when displayed on mobile. 

This allows you to create better row designs that are dedicated for mobile without the need to hide / remove columns. 
By Roni Landau 01 Jun, 2017
In addition to global text, button and image design, which allow you to customize these elements once for the entire site, you can now define background color and spacing for the default row and column design, so every time you add a new one, it will be consistent everywhere.
By Roni Landau 22 May, 2017

  • Build beautiful sites with the new Image Picker: It comes with millions of free images, powerful new management tools and more
  • Design enhancements: You now have more control over the borders and rounded corners of every element
  • New templates: City Hotel, App Landing Page and Moving Company  

By Roni Landau 03 May, 2017
  • New & Improved Navigation Links Widget: With 8 layout options, 10 amazing effects, and more
  • New Header Options: Build better headers with gorgeous new header layouts
  • Widget Builder - Fulfillment Channel: Connect with DudaPros who can build customized widgets for you
  • New Template: Event Venue
  • Improved Photo Editor: More ways to improve your photos right inside the Duda editor

By Roni Landau 05 Feb, 2017

  • Restaurant Menu & Business Hours Improvements: It’s easier to import content to these widgets thanks to an improved & expanded search
  • New Templates: Check out the beautiful new Locksmith and Medical Clinic templates 
  • Background Image on Buttons:  Expand the possibilities of your website designs 
  • Editor Enhancements: Upload menus from CSV, improved spacing, and more  

By Roni Landau 18 Jan, 2017
Limited Content Editing: Limit customers' editing capabilities - Exclusively for DudaPros
Multi-Language: Quickly translate sites into other languages - Now in the new editor
Beautiful New Templates: Nonprofit and Home Decor
Multi-Location: Show multiple business locations on a map - Now in the new editor
Other Enhancements: Editor localization, increased image gallery flexibility, restaurant menu improvements, and more. 
API Enhancements: Content injection API, new capabilities, and updated APIs
By Roni Landau 27 Dec, 2016
  • Info & Tools Panel:  Faster and easier access to site info and tools
  • Beautiful New Templates: Law Firm & Academic Tutoring templates
  • Contact Form Integrations: Now in the new editor  
  • Custom HTML:  Add tools such as live chat to customer dashboards and editors  
  • Other Enhancements: Full width option, editor localization 
By Iggy Pritzker 03 Aug, 2015

Join us for an overview of SEO strategies for small business websites, after Google’s Content Quality Update.

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